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This community is, quite simply, for all of those who have stories that "normal" (aka, the unenlightened) people would never want to read. Whether it's slash, twin-/incest, strange pairings (ie, Nazgul/anyone else), or simply something which would turn most people into gibbering, psychotic nutcases to even think about.

Why not post here? >)

RULES (because all comms like this have to have them)

1. NO FLAMING. If you don't like what's here, please just leave. All flaming posts will be deleted; I am sole authority on what's stays on this list.

2. Anything goes. You may write whatever you like and post it here, which leads me to my next rule:

3. POST A RATING. If your story is NC-17, tell us. If it's a strong R, say that. If it's G, then warn the people who are here strictly for the NC-17 that fluffiness ensues. *g*

4. Icons, pics, and backgrounds are welcome. Again, read rule #3 - if the pic contains adult material, let us know.

5. Just remember to post which fandom and pairing it is. As we are going to have as many different fandoms represented here as we can get writers, be a love and tell us which fandom your little fic is in.

6. Above all else, have fun! This place is open for anything your little heart desires, and won't judge anyone for their choices in lifestyle, hobby, or pairing faves. Discussion is definitely allowed, just try not to get too off subject as this is meant to be mainly a fanfic archive. :-D